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Welcome to TRW Community! You’re at the right place, at the right time, with the right people. Take a look around and notice the caliber of members this community has — from entrepreneurs, business owners, ceos, freelancers, artificial intelligence students, finance students, business students , UGC students, Content Creation students, e-Commerce student, Amazon FBA students, De-Fi Students, Crypto & Stock traders and many many more! We’re so thrilled for you to join us inside the incredible community-driven learning experience RealMotivationKings have created. We’re doing everything we can to curate the highest quality content and community possible… We take this very seriously and will remove anyone who could impact the safety, experience, and integrity of this space in a negative way, so please take a moment to read the rules of engagement now: ====================================================================================== ONE: Direct access to RealMotivationKings While we are very proactive and helpful within the community, The Real World, due to time / bandwidth limitations, we can not respond to private messages regarding any sort of feedback. If you DM or tag us, we will respond if/when we can - remember you are only paying a small fee every month for access to us. We are massively overdelivering value and therefore can't always answer specific questions you may have (we will try our best). Because of this, please post your questions publicly for the entire community to help you with, and RealMotivationKings will join the conversation and give their insights whenever they are able to. ======================================================================================= SECOND: Similarly, no lead-farming, opt-ins, email list plugs, or other related behavior please. This community is for learning and empowering each other freely so we can all get ahead, together... That’s why The Real World is our mantra AND our name! 🙂 ======================================================================================= THIRD: We do NOT allow screenshots or content from this community to be taken and shared anywhere outside of it. Period. This applies not only to the content and call recordings, but to interactions between members and valuable conversations that take place inside Discord 24/7. The value of this community is co-created and multiplied with every single member, and we take protecting and respecting this very seriously. If anyone reports a screenshot or sharing of other information from within this community, you will be automatically banned. ======================================================================================= FIFTH: We do not offer refunds due to the nature and immediacy of valuable content and information inside this group. Again, this is to protect the quality and integrity of the group, as well as respect everyone’s contributions inside. If ever you are ready to leave, you are welcome to cancel at any time. Your access privileges will be revoked at that time, regardless of the length of your subscription. If you have questions or need to discuss your account status, please reach out to RealMotivationKings - Participation here in the server will be taken as acknowledgment of and agreement to these rules. And that’s it! Can’t wait to see you inside and help you reach new levels of growth, scale, and satisfaction in your business and life! ❤️ Welcome inside of The Real World Community! If you're seeing this message, it means you've been asigned roles and you are ready to begin the journey toward greatness. I want to give you a quick run-down so you aren't overwhelmed upon arrival. We have a lot of channels and many things happening (that's why this group is so amazing). Here's what's going on: Every single month, RealMotivationKings will do a call on Saturday where we cover everything you could possibly want to know about business. Calendar with your timezone can be found here: <#1162922454121992314> This program is all about going beyond just online business... we will teach you the deeper layers of why humans operate they way they do, psychology, and everything related to increasing your conversions. Now here's your first task... Go into the <#1162940300013092974> And give us context about who you are so we can best help you.. Here's what we need to know to serve you: 1. How long have you been in business? 2. How much revenue are you making per month? 3. What's your biggest sticking point (in your opinion)? Go ahead and do that. Look forward to having you in the group and being able to be your mentor/guide 🙂 - RealMotivationKings P.S. We have done 7 years worth of calls now... You invested into a recurring subscription because this isn't a static course. We bring you new topics every week. And with that, you get access to previous calls.. You can find here:  


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