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Q1: What is the STW Trading Community discord server about? A1: It is about trading items in Fortnite: Save The World and even Fortnite: Battle Royale and Creative. ✅

Q2: Why should I join the STW Trading Community discord server? A2: There are giveaways, shops, and drops almost every single day and there are many things to do in the server. ✅

Q3: What if I am new to trading? A3: If you are new to trading, you can join giveaways and drops to get a chance to win free stuff, dm me and let me know, or ask other people in the server. ✅

About the Server 👋: ⭒ 13+ 🥳 ⭒ Nice community ⚡ ⭒ Tons of free stuff you can easily get 🎁 ⭒ Many things to do so you can never get bored 🎉 ⭒ Free cool emotes & gifs made by me 🌴

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