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🔥〢NSFW channels! And quite a lot of 'em. We don't allow any RL posting as everything on these channels will be entirely fictional. We have user reports just for that. If anything real life is sent, it will be moderated as soon as can be by a staff member.

📕〢Roleplay Ads: come and post an ad describing your perfect scenario to find roleplay partners you've been looking for! Feel free to add pictures of the character you will be playing during the ERP, be it a furry, scalie or more!

💡〢Suggestions: we highly appreciate community feedback, so we made a channel just for that, a forum for people to post suggestions with images, polls and suggestion pings suggestions, so we can hear what the community wants. After all, what's a server if what's added is just what one person wants? We're open for critiques and changes here. Come and be heard!

💬〢SFW channels: here, we provide a wide variety of SFW text and media channels alike to browse from! These channels include the perfect places to share and discuss topics such as food, gaming, memes, Art, or you could strike up conversations with other members in our SFW main chat!

🎨〢Art Commissions: we have a forum precisely for this. You can describe your prices and send your portfolio or more in this. Keep in mind: we don't allow art commissions to be spammed in DMs as that's for us a bannable offense, we have a channel made for that, so that's what you should use.

🎲〢D&D/DnD: we have Dungeons & Dragons channels and chats for you to find a campaign to be part of or host. This can be both for your private campaign or here on our server. We have ads to look for players or to look for a campaign! If the abyss stares at you... Roll me wisdom!

🥽〢VR channels: here you can discuss everything about VR! Talk about your favorite games, share photos, and even come meet and play with fellow members of the server in the VR main chat!


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